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Energy & Power Solutions


Energy & Power Solutions


EPS is focused on delivering high quality optimized power solutions. EPS provides electricity systems,
technology, custom designed solutions and power expertise consulting and services.

The company itself is organized following a very slender and agile structure centered on customer service. EPS
conducts business around the world from its headquarters in Southern California. Special marketing efforts
focused on the Latin American Region are handled from a regional office in Mexico City.

EPS main interest and objective is to develop reliable, efficient and sustainable integrated solutions for our
customers. Conscious of regional and local particulars, we mainly focus on developing systems that can be field
integrated by our local partners and channels, using flexible and powerful building blocks from the most
reputed manufacturers in each field around the world. In some cases, those same prestigious vendors
manufacture special and exclusive components designed by EPS.

EPS Power solutions cover the primary technology and areas of renewable and alternate power solutions.
Typically, these solutions are meant to provide application power for telecommunications, IT, lighting or other
point application. These solutions are as follows:

  • Photovoltaic Power Solutions including Solar Panels and Battery systems. EPS provides system solutions based on many world-wide solar and battery technology providers as well as solar panels and battery systems under EPS’s brand.
  • Wind Energy Solutions including solar and wind energy solutions. Typically, these solutions are provided for pumping & monitoring systems, telecom/IT systems and the like.
  • Backup Power system solutions including custom UPS, battery banks and inverter systems. Designs include indoor and outdoor protected systems. This also includes specialized power control and switchover systems.
  • Renewable and alternate power system consulting and design. EPS routinely works with the partners and customers to develop complete power system designs. The scope of activity varies from a power sizing for multiple sites, capital and O&M planning for a multi-technology power project, site survey, design and project management and wholesale sourcing of technology components for a EPS or other designed project.

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